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I confirm that I (the client) have reviewed and approved the transfer of administrative duties and take over all responsibilities of the website (listed in this document above), as created by Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd, as presented to me.

I confirm that the Web Development project is now complete and the contract between the client and Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd has been fulfilled to my satisfaction. If there’s any additional things agreed between Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd and (the client) kindly mention those things on the comment box to complete. I agree that Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd, has released the website to me (the client) and I (the client) am responsible for everything related to this matter from here on out. I (the client) agree to never hold Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd, responsible for any changes, problems, or consequences of the site from this date forward. I agree that the website is in good working order and that I am now responsible for any and all outcomes, issues, problems, etc. that result from here on out unless discussed with Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd and agreed upon.

Unless otherwise agreed and arranged, Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd reserve the right to showcase the finished website and functionality and associated designs in our project portfolio, and in any number of online galleries, as well as in printed literature including, but not limited to: books, catalogues, brochures and magazines.

I accept and acknowledge that any modification or new work to the website above will incur additional charges if help is required, that would then be negotiated with Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd.

I am also aware that if I need help, Ignite your imagination (Pty) Ltd provides Monthly Maintenance & Content Management programs, which I can inquire about at any time.